About Us

Play Like A Girl Apparel was created for the outspoken, told they were "too much", sports loving woman who is ten toes down in this male dominated field. It was created for us, by us.
Play Like A Girl Apparel is my wildest dreams. I used to get so frustrated with seeing every other occupation/industry having a clothing line or brand represent them. It was almost like we were the red headed step kids! Like it wasn't cool to be a woman in this industry. So I took matters into my own hands. I sat down one Saturday morning, prayed for guidance, and got to work. We love being stylish yet comfortable in Sports, and if you're like myself, you LOVE a good hoodie you can dress up with a cute bootie, dad hat & jacket!
From creating different phrases to picking the colors of each item, I wanted to make sure I offer not only quality products, but something for EVERY avenue of Women in Sports! I even wanted to make sure our biggest supporters have some things they can have to help us bring awareness to our world!
Dress us up for your next meeting to match your hustle, or relax and chill in the crib while watching the game.
Play Like A Girl Apparel is here to help you make even more of a statement as a Woman in Sports!
- Kelli